SP02 Taser Stun Gun + LED + Siren + Laser + 3 Air Cartridges




Taser Stun Gun + LED Flashlight + Siren + Laser + 3 Air Cartridges

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Taser Stun Gun + LED Flashlight + Siren + Laser + 3 Air Cartridges

Taser shooting (CHINESE)
 The taser/ Stun Gun is integrated with a variety of advanced technologies, skills, physical self-defense, but also in active attacks within 5 meters. The TASER GUNS/ Stun Gun is made up of several parts , the gun, the composition of the transmitter, LED Flashlight, laser sight and Siren. Launched from within 5 meters (2.5 meters to 3 meters best)
Electric shock to extend the time for 30 seconds
Effect of about 1 inch arc through clothing
Needle length 9MM
The current overpowers the normal Electrical Signals within the body's nerve fibres, therefore the subject instantly loses muscular control of the body.
High voltage electric shock
With laser light
Shooting: about 5M
Electric alarm

Main specifications:
Output pulse voltage: 800kV
High capacity rechargeable battery
Product size: 250*180*70 mm
Gross/net weight: 460 g/ 140 g
Packing includes: Stun Gun, Charger, 3 x Cartridges, Laser Sight, , LED Flashlight, Siren,  Nylon Holder, Stylish Black Bag

Operation instruction:
1. Before used, pls charged with 4 to 5 hours(Pls note, when charge the product, please ensure the situation in Power off)
2. When need to shooting, please install one cartridge on taser, and upward second gear, that will have laser light, then press the round button, 2pcs remote needle built in cartridge will shpot 5 meter, and will result in smoke in same time.
3. When need to high voltage electric shock, please take the cartridge off, and upward the second gear, that will have laser light, then press the round button, that will have high voltage electric shock.
Not to use function switch randomly during charging, so as to avoid dame of components
Do not to apply electric shock to metal part, to avoid damage of voltage generator
Please keep it away for children, patients of cardiopathy and main human body.
Special attentions:

1. Do not point the TASER GUNS equipped with air cartridge to others optionally, such as the elderly, children, women and the frail persons.

2. Place the TASER GUNS to stay away from children, always check the battery power is sufficient, if insufficient, and please recharge it in time to keep the best results.

3. Please make sure to install the air cartridge under the safety switch for the TASER GUNS off-position.

4. Before using this product, please make sure there is no any flammable gas or other Inflammables & Explosives nearby. Do not shoot it at the person’s head, to avoid hurting the eyes.

WARNING! - Do not test the device while charging. This can lead to its breakage!



Site sérieux, produit de qualité

Correspond à la description, bonne qualité, site très sérieux, répond aux messages, expédition rapide, je n'hésiterai pas à commander un autre.


    One important thing to have in mind

    I kind of love theese, more powerful than you think, 30.000 volt more powerful than the cops use. But now to a little bit of issue in my country anyway. In the opposite direction all tasers out there fire nedels with electricity, but the chinese bad boys fires away with gunpowder, so even if stunguns are legal, the chinese are probably not, not within EU anyway, if cops frisk you and you carry one of these, you will be charged as you would carry a handgun, a bit heavier even if stunguns also are elegal. And, they are powerful ???? before I knew about the add of gunpowder, (thats the reason of the bang and the smoke by the way) I tried it at home and shot at the livingroom wall, about 3 metres away, those needels penetrated the concrete wall about 1 to 1 1/2 cm in and they got stuck, I admit that I am a bit uncertain about the messarment, they stuck har and I was forced to use pliers to pull it out, but 1 cm I can say with certainty. All this is really positive in the way I think, the bad guy that deserve the laser pointed at him, if he not get knocked out, it will be a deep penetration, he will be screaming like a baby, if he's not passes out within the 30 seconds, now to the negative, when those 30 sec is gone, also is the battery, almost empty and dont do much good anymore. At least that is my experience. There is some strong dudes out there so a backup is not wrong, especially if it is a very serious situation, either you carry two, or a really powerful stungun, or as I do, carry a can of teargas, mace or pepparspray. Give him a shower just in case, then get the hell out of there, and these days they are very selldom alone. I love teargas, more damage than pepparspray, but if you want pepparspray, I highly recommend the brand KO, KO are a mix of extreme pepper and teargas equally extreme. It's forbidden in almost whole EU (maybe 2-3 contrys allow the police and even the military to use it) not hard to get either. And to compare it with the all brands out there used by us ordinary people cant be done, not by me anyway. I've been stupid enough to tried it on myself, dont need much, a friend helped me and after seen my reaction (and I'm quite used to the civilian stuff) this I can not find words for. And it was just a little puff, never experienced such pain before, totally blinded, could not breath, vomit over and over, gushing tears and mucus from the nose and mouth in abundance, took quite a while before it subsided a bit. So give a creep a really heavy gusch of this stuff, he will be totally fucked up until the day after, he's out of commission, ohhh, I forgot to mention the headache. Well , I never ever want to be sprayed with that stuff again,have never experienced something like that before and I don't want to do it again. And that I said about be out of commission until the day after, that is a understatement, KO is something that should be carried by every woman in the world, if feeling threatened, its better to spray and run than overthink , maybe he is harmless. Go on gutinstinct, always 99% right each time. Apologies to the one that still reading, and I really really hope that I dont fuck things up with the info about the chinese tasers. Too good to stop selling them, 50.000 volt is to little in my opinion, ok, if it hit you , you fall, but a little bit of training you can, if done emediatly, pull the needels out by grabbing the wires. I really do hope I'm not sound like an besserwizzer, just shared som thoughts...sincere, former Caporal Chef 2rep Legion Etrangere

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    Stun Gun e Scorpi max

    Ottimo sito, ottimi acquisti, efficaci e di qualità, consegna in tempi brevi, Grazie ????

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    Arrivato veloce,come da descrizione buon prodotto

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    SP02 Taser Stun Gun + LED + Siren + Laser + 3 Air Cartridges

    Spedizione veloce, l'oggetto e proprio come nella descrizione, sono rimasto molto contento!! Tornerò presto ad acquistare da voi! Grazie mille

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    Top Taser

    Echt cooles Gerät ,mit Licht ,Sirene und Laserpointer zum zielen

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    Fast delivery and very good quality taser

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    Zeer goede snelle levering dank

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    Stun gun

    Nice and quality taser. Fast delivery

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    SP02 Taser Stun Gun + LED + Siren + Laser + 3 Air Cartridges

    SP02 Taser Stun Gun + LED + Siren + Laser + 3 Air Cartridges


    Taser Stun Gun + LED Flashlight + Siren + Laser + 3 Air Cartridges

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